Continuous enrollment is possible Sunday through Thursday from 4pm to 7pm and Saturday mornings from 9am to 12am at the swimming pool.

Enrollment is done at the Venue: LFM, French school of Muscat (nearby Muscat Hills) at the swimming pool area, map: link


Registration fee: 5 Omr for the new comers (complimentary swimming cap and bag are provided)

Monthly payment:

  • Children: once a week practice 40 Omr or 50 Omr depending on the number of days available in the month, twice a week 72 Omr or 81 Omr per month, make up sessions available

  • Adults: 44 Omr or 55 Omr if once a week practice, and 88 Omr or 99 Omr if twice a week, depending on the number of days available in the month, make up sessions available

  • Ladies only: 40 Omr once a week practice, 80 Omr twice a week, make-up sessions not available

Payment deadline: in order to guarantee the place for the swimmers for the month, the monthly fee must be paid within the 26th of the previous month. In case of delay we kindly ask you to confirm the participation in written form otherwise we are not able to guarantee the place.

Make-up sessions: we offer the possibility of one make-up session per month for those who come once a week and two make-up sessions for those who come two or more times a week.

Missed sessions can be made up until the following month only on Saturdays at 11 am for children.

For those who are coming on Saturdays make-up sessions will be arranged according to previous agreement.

Separate make-up sessions are required to ensure that our regular sessions are not overcrowded.


Children lessons: at 4, 5 and 6pm on working days, Saturday at 9, 10 and 11 am

Adults and ladies Only: at 7 pm on working days, Saturday at 11 am (mixed adults)

Friday is off.